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Virtual Sports Day

This year, instead of hosting our usual sports days, we've had to adapt and instead we will host a Virtual Sports Day on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th of July! It will involve your child taking part in 8 activities that can be done easily at home with little or no equipment except themselves! They will perform each exercise for 30 seconds and count how many of each exercise they can do in the 30 seconds. Then, they will enter all of their scores into the attached form (see below) this can then be emailed in to the school office. All the numbers will then be crunched and then we will be able to see which house team are the overall winners!

We would like to encourage as many of our children as possible to take part and to wear their house colours with pride when taking part. We'd love to see the children taking part, so if you have any photos or short videos of the children completing the activities email them to 


The 8 activities are demonstrated below by some of our wonderful children.


You have two week until you are able to submit your scores so why not take some time beforehand and get practising so that you can 'be your best' to get points for your house!

So remember to practise and upload your scores on the 6th and 7th July!


Thank you for all your continued support during these difficult times and we hope that your children enjoy taking part in Olveston’s Virtual Sports Day!


Demonstration videos

Record Sheet