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At Olveston we our proud of our confident and articulate pupils. They work hard to produce work they are proud of and this page is all about celebrating the truly fantastical writing produced by our children.

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 Writing based on the short animation - Francis:

Today I experienced something strange! I woke up, as I usually do, to the smell of smoke - I hate the smell of smoke! So I went outside and saw my brothers who - as always - were being annoyingly talkative, so I ate my breakfast and chose to go for a walk to get away from the little devils.

Speaking of devils, my dad thinks I am one! Just because I’m a stroppy teenager! I just say that’s what being 17 means!  Anyway; today I managed to get away from my family and go for a walk in the woods. It turns out that quiet is actually a good thing - who would 've thought!

I had to sneak out because if my brothers caught me  they’d be skipping off to  tell mum-which is never good for me. But this time they didn't catch me because I had a plan. I snuck out of the back - there not allowed round there. So I snuck out then ran. piece at last.

The further I got from camp the more isolated things became. The more isolated things became the more I felt. But the problem with being alone is your mind plays tricks on you. I am sure something was following me. I kept having that strange feeling that something was there, watching in the distance. But every time I turned around, nothing. Not a soul.

I walked back to camp twice as quick as I walked away from it. This was the strangest part of my day. Walking back quickly to something I hated... my family!

I suppose that is what fear does to you. I am sure tomorrow will be better :(



This morning I was woken up by Dad's whistling and, as you can imagine, I was irritated to the bone. 😡😡 A chainsaw would be quieter. Then again, it's better than when he's grumpy - which was most of the time these days. Anyway, I'm not too annoyed because Mum said we could go cliff jumping today. My brother (sulky as ever) is only seven so he can't come though, which is such a relief. If anything, Dad is being more wingy that he can't come than the seven year old little devil.

👹 Pulling on my wetsuit, I crawled out of my tent, shouting at Mum to get a move on. Why do parents tell you off about bring slow, wearing shoes on carpet and not having a clean room when they're exactly the same? We headed off to the cliff edge, I couldn't help but to curse Dad for waking me up at 7 'o clock. I suppose I took a little bit of joy out of his misery :)

I love cliff jumping - plunging down into the white waters -  I'd never felt so free. I'd never felt so alive; I'd never been so me! Well , until I saw 'it'. A familiar face. In the water. Staring... at me. You know when you recognise something but you just can place it. Like it's on the tip of your tongue. Just as I was about to tell Mum, she shouted at me, "Enough now your brothers waiting with the sitter!". I couldn't tell her yet. Great!

Back to the demon called little brother. Trust me, being forced to cur up his food and put him to bed isn't fun. Last night, he woke me up by thumping my leg and demanding a story. Mum and Dad just laughed. Also, he moans at EVERYTHING!!!! 😩😩😩😩 On the other hand, Dad says me might have a barbecue tonight. I can just eat something and then 'feel sick'. Mum will just let me go back to my tent. Ha! Parents are so naive.

If I could work out that face then. What was that? I'm being called for tea now and I wanna' get there before all the burgers go. My brother will make up a stupid excuse about being a growing boy. He's such a little nuisance!