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Sport at Olveston

At Olveston C.E.V.C Primary School, we believe that PE is a hugely important part of the curriculum and aim to encourage a lifetime love of sport in our children.





We recognise all the benefits that high quality PE provision can bring, including:

  • physical: e.g. developing a healthy and active lifestyle, improving physical strength and skills;
  • social: e.g. responsibility, leadership, teamwork, communication, the importance of fair play, respect for others;
  • emotional: e.g. enjoyment, perseverance, raising self-esteem, confidence, learning to cope with success and defeat; and
  • academic: raising attendance and attainment, improving concentration, decision-making and analysis.

We take pride in offering children as many opportunities as possible to get involved in sport, both during and after school. We endeavor to provide maximum opportunities for children to participate in competition, both internally through staff-led house competitions and pupil-led competitions and externally through South Gloucestershire School Games and the competitions between our cluster schools.

Through a combination of staff, outside agencies and specialist coaches, we offer a wide range of extracurricular clubs including: 

  • A weekly running club – Run by parents
  • Boys football – Run by school staff
  • After school football club – Run by an external providor
  • Girls football – Run by school staff
  • The daily run a mile (in school time)
  • The Olveston Fun Run - Run by FoOs
  • Karate – funded through our sports funding grant
  • Yoga - funded through our sports funding grant
  • Vibe Dance - Run by an external provider

Government funding has enabled us to employ the services of a local Karate centre and Yoga teacher whose specialisms have helped us develop an exciting new curriculum and, equally as importantly, provide training for teachers to enable them to become more confident in the delivery of different PE subjects. This will ultimately impact the children through higher quality, sustainable PE teaching and ensure our offer to all children is fun, active and engaging.

To find out more about the sports funding the school receives click the link below.




For updates on how our school participates in competitive sport go to our news page of the website by clicking the link below.